We, the people -

Servant leaders of TLC, International are:

  • engaged citizens rooted in faith.
  • advocates for racial equity and justice.
  • facilitating healing at our exclusive retreats. 
  • innovators transforming education through cultural programming and the creative arts.
  • stewards who respect and appreciate the natural, cultural  and historical environments in which we live and serve.  

our works

Creative Arts Programs


We design and implement creative arts opportunities for children, youth and families in marginalized communities. 

Self-Care Retreats


We  facilitate retreats that nurture healing and  well being , building strength to continue serving in our respective communities.

Facilitated Support


We offer consultation and professional development to individuals and organizations actively engaged in transforming education and growing racial equity, inclusion and diversity.


Refuge Outdoor Festival


A camping retreat for people of color to experience the outdoors, conversate & relate, and enjoy community.

Ori Gallery

In addition to exhibits, this local gallery offers free and low cost classes and workshops.

In addition to rotating exhibits, this community gallery offers free or low-cost workshops and classes.

Word is Bond PDX


Non-profit organization that builds up young men of color to do inspiring work in their communities. 

Community Radio


KBOO embodies equitable social change with a commitment to the voices of oppressed and underserved communities.

PDX Alliance for Self-Care


A community resource that connects vulnerable communities in Portland with self-care resources, practitioners, and events.

Oregon Health Equity Alliance


OHEA seeks to enact smart policies to improve health and wellbeing through public policy, legislation, and policies that govern our communities.



Community based environmental education focused nonprofit that uses the natural world to connect children from underrepresented communities to STEM.

Momentum Alliance


A youth-of-color-led organization inspiring inspire young people to realize their power individually and collectively and to mentor future social justice leaders.

Children's Healing Art Project


Non-profit joins forces with other organizations to spread joy and healing through art.

Youth Unlimited, Inc.


Foster care agency working with  some of the Portland black community’s most vulnerable kids, helping place black foster children into the hands of highly qualified foster homes of color. 

Brown Hope


A community solution for racial justice with a bold vision of how to create platforms for Black, Brown, and Indigenous people to be seen, to love, and to lead. 

Center for Diversity & the Environment


Harnesses the power of racial and ethnic diversity to transform the US environmental movement by developing leaders, catalyzing change within institutions, and building alliances. 

OUR thoughts


A very short list of a just a few articles, books,  and reports that reflect and inform our thinking.

This is one step towards understanding how mindful activists "stay in the game."

ARTICLE:  Research indicates that a culture of martyrdom discourages conversations about burnout and self-care among activists and movements.

"I watch women... stand on top of the world—and I feel like there's room for me.”

ARTICLE: Creatives and activists share pratical ways to care for self during turbulent times.

Simply stated: "Portland is racist .... Christians need to get involved."

ARTICLE: Faith leaders and community activists come together to discuss faith in the frontlines.

There is a "risk of focusing on the treatment... rather than fostering the possibility..."

ARTICLE:   Trauma-informed care  may serve the individual, but not the collective.

True self care is "making the choice to build a life you don’t need to regularly escape from."

ARTICLE:  Identifying the reality behind the buzzword "self-care."

Radical Faith


“Living in a climate of deep insecurity, Jesus, faced with so narrow a margin of civil guarantees, had to find some other basis upon which to establish a sense of well-being. He knew that the goals of religion as he understood them could never be worked out within the then-established order. Deep from within that order he projected a dream, the logic of which would give to all the needful security. There would be room for all, and no man would be a threat to his brother. “The kingdom of God is within.” “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor.”   

―  Howard Thurman,  Jesus and the Disinherited

Systemic Oppression


“Arguably the most important parallel between mass incarceration and Jim Crow is that both have served to define the meaning and significance of race in America. Indeed, a primary function of any racial caste system is to define the meaning of race in its time. Slavery defined what it meant to be black (a slave), and Jim Crow defined what it meant to be black (a second-class citizen). Today mass incarceration defines the meaning of blackness in America: black people, especially black men, are criminals. That is what it means to be black.”  

―  Michelle Alexander,  The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

Youth Development


“What if citizens organized to demand what the Declaration of Independence promised: a government that protected the equal rights of all to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? This would call for an economic system that distributed wealth in a thoughtful and humane way. It would mean a culture where young people were not taught to seek success as a mask for greed.”  

―  Howard Zinn,  A Young People's History of the United States: Columbus to the War on Terror

Revolutionary Art


“We need to theorize the meaning of beauty in our lives so that we can educate for critical consciousness, talking through the issues: how we acquire and spend money, how we feel about beauty, what the place of beauty is in our lives when we lack material privilege and even basic resources for living, the meaning and significance of luxury, and the politics of envy.”  

―  bell hooks,  Art on My Mind: Visual Politics

Decolonizing Nature


"...a timely critical analysis of the parameters and limitations of philosophical, artistic, and curatorial models responding to anthropogenic climate change. Rich and informative, the book makes an impassioned argument for a post-anthropocentric political ecology, in which the aesthetic realm enjoins with Indigenous philosophies and environmental activism to challenge the neoliberal corporate-state complex." 

- Jean Fisher ,Emeritus Professor in Fine Art and Transcultural Studies, Middlesex University

Transformative Education


 "Trauma-informed care requires that we treat trauma in people but provides very little insight into how we might address the root causes of trauma in neighborhoods, families, and schools. If trauma is collectively experienced, this means that we also have to consider the environmental context that caused the harm in the first place. By only treating the individual we only address part of the equation leaving the toxic systems, policies and practices neatly intact. "

- Shawn Ginwright, PhD

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