People of passion. Driven by mission.

We, the people of TLC, Int'l are:

  • a body of engaged citizens rooted in faith, advocating for equity and justice.
  • innovators transforming education through cultural programming and the creative arts.
  • stewards who respect and appreciate the natural and cultural environment in which we live and serve. 
  • offering individuals and groups - particularly people from traditionally disenfranchised populations -  opportunities to practice their gifts, heal from trauma, and improve and enhance their quality of life.  
  • equipped and inspired to better live and serve as servant leaders in our respective communities.


our works

POC Potluck in the Park, May 2019


We coordinate connection and help build meaningful relationships through activities and events.

iRise! Summer, 2019


We direct creative arts programs for children and servant leadership internships for youth.

R3 Retreat, March 2018


We offer private retreats for creative artists, social service employees and educators.


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Transformative Living Community, International

815 Northeast Schuyler St. #12181, Portland, Oregon 97212, United States

(503) 498-0239