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"I'm not racist."

This is the most common response in conversations about race. When the word "racism" comes up, the room goes silent and the tension can be felt on a physical level.  How do we talk about race without causing more harm?  TLC, Int'l specializes in creating safe space to explore answers to the questions that stir up so much conflict and discomfort:

  • Why is race still an issue?  
  • Why can't people just "get along?"   
  • What is preventing folks from understanding one another? 
  • How can we move past our differences? 
  • How can we better respond to racial incidents?

These introductory questions are addressed through facilitated conversations that:

  • examine the social construction of race.
  • define common terminology and basic frameworks for understanding racism.
  • practice the language needed to communicate effectively across cultures and opposing understandings.
  • heal the fragile psyche wounded by a racialized society.
  • develop a plan of action to grow equitable communities.

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We offer safe space to engage the difficult and complex subject of racial justice. From a small group meeting  in a reserved room, or a one-on-one conversation over a cup of coffee, TLC, Int'l is a bridge that connects understanding.