We specialize in exclusive, affordable retreats.

Social Service/Non-Profit/Education


Affordable retreats for the champions and advocates serving others.  We offer affordable self-care so you can continue the work you do.  

Professional Development


Our teambuilding retreats can increase productivity. Avoid burn-out through our self-care and mental health retreats.

Creative Artists


Are you a creative artist in need of inspiration?  Whether you work best alone or in a group, we  coordinate retreats that cater to your creative needs. 

Couples & Families


Our intimacy retreats boost the strength of your relationships by balancing time for self-care and caring for your partner.

Solo Travelers


Sometimes all you need is some quiet time alone to just breathe and be present. Self-care retreats allow you to break away from the world to improve mental health.  

"Just Us"


Ladies only weekend?  Want to hang out with the guys?  Busy family need a break from schedules to spend some quality time? Retreats can be catered to just what you need.