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1) What does it mean to be on a Board of Directors?

  • A board is the governing and stewarding body of a nonprofit organization. A board is responsible for fiscal health and wellbeing of an organization, and for setting the strategy and direction of an overall organization to ensure it is fulfilling its mission. Board members are responsible for making informed decisions on behalf of the organization to ensure operational and fiscal health.

2) What is the time commitment?

  • The board meets approximately 6-8 times per year, approx. 2.5 hrs per meeting. As a working board, each servant leader actively participates in the management of TLC, Int'l by serving as an officer, selecting projects and completing tasks to support limited staff capacity. Each board member is expected to actively engage, contribute, and participate in meetings.

3) What are the legal responsibilities as a Board member?

  • Board members have three fiduciary duties. The first is the duty of due care, to act with prudence on behalf of the organization. The duty of loyalty, to act and make decisions out ot the best interest for the organization and not personal interest or gain and to notify the organization when conflicts of interests arise. Finally, the duty of obedience to follow the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.

6) What are examples of other affiliations and memberships that would serve as experience to serve on the board?

  • Membership in a fraternity or sorority, professional organizations, community leadership boards, faith-based groups, environmental groups, a school parent teacher association, public broadcast system (PBS) or local community radio program, activist groups, arts coalitions, real estate/land acquisition connections.

5) Why do you ask about my demographics?

  • TLC, Int'l is led by Servant Leaders that reflect the community that we seek to serve, which means at least 80% of our staff and board members are BIPOC. This directive is in alignment with our commitment to lead with social and environmental equity.