We are -

- a community committed to living sustainable lifestyles.


  • an alliance of engaged citizens rooted in faith, advocating for equity and justice.
  • facilitating retreats for people from traditionally disenfranchised communities to  practice their gifts, heal from trauma, and improve and enhance their quality of life.   
  • stewards who respect and appreciate the natural, cultural  and historical environments in which we live and serve. 
  • innovating transformative education through cultural programming and the creative arts.
  • equipped and inspired to better live and serve as servant leaders in our respective communities.



Transformative Living Community, International (TLC, Int'l) is a body of engaged citizens rooted in faith.  We serve to support justice, equity, and healing from oppression by facilitating holistic growth and development of people and their strengths. We offer affordable opportunities to enhance wellness through transformative education, cultural programming and the creative arts. We are strengthening the power of engaged citizenship to improve the human condition. 


Transformative Living Community, International will welcome citizens of the world who are committed to living creative, healthy, and sustainable lives.  TLC, Int'l will manage its facilities as stewards with respect for the natural and cultural environment in which it operates. We will be equitable and inclusive in offering space conducive for revitalization of the human capacity to heal from trauma, thrive through struggle, and create transformative solutions for global challenges. Active TLC citizens will be equipped and inspired to better live and serve as conscientious leaders in their respective communities. 

Become a citizen

You can join anytime, and leave when you wish.  As a citizen, you'll receive periodic updates and opportunities for engagement.  You can choose how you want to participate. We are currently seeking volunteers and contributors.  

Servant Leaders

Erica A. Compere

Erica A. Compere (Briggs, Fuller)

For over thirty years, Erica Compere has served in the field of education in communities across the country and overseas. Her work settings have  ranged from state and local institutions to private, non-profit, faith-based organizations. 

Compere grew up in a small town on the southern coast of Oregon. At an early age, she came to rely on the healing power of creative expression and the natural world to mitigate trauma and racial discrimination. Her experience led her to pursue a master's at Cornell University where she researched the social construction of race in America using literature as a form of qualitative study. 

Compere is passionate about the power of knowledge and believes that alternative educational models better serve the learning styles and needs of students of color.  She writes curriculum that incorporates  equity and inclusion, with a primary focus on life-long learning, creating healthy lifestlyes,  and healing from the trauma of historical and social injustice.  She mastered her pedagogy in asset-based community learning environments as a professor in the Black Studies Department at California State University, Long Beach where she taught creative writing, theater and English composition. She also coordinated programs for children in Cuba,  South Korea and South Carolina. 

Most recently, she was awarded the Edna L. Homes Fellowship in Young Readers from Oregon Literary Arts, (2018) and a grant from the Elizabeth George Foundation for "Rewriting Life Stories," a summer writing retreat for high school students in 2018. 

Antoinette Edwards


Anoinette Edwards has spent most of her lifetime engaged in community activism. She is a tireless and passionate worker who has provided over 40 years reaching out to the most vulnerable populations in our community providing leadership, policy development, service provisions and advocacy for children and families of North, Northeast Portland. She co-founded the African American Alliance Community Unity Breakfast and founded the first African American PFLAG Chapter in the nation.

Edwards is featured on Portland’s Women Making History Mural. It is the first large scale mural in Portland that pays tribute to the contributions of local women community leaders. She has received numerous awards including the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc 2018 Social Justice Award, the 2017 Light A Fire Lifetime Achievement award, the 2015 Women Who Lead, Equity foundation award and the the 2013 Jeanette Rankin Lifelong Activist award granted by the Northwest Social Justice Fund. 

Edwards  served as the first Director of Diversity at the Oregon Trail Chapter of the American Red Cross. In January, 2011 Mayor Sam Adams created the Public Safety and Peace keeping Team and appointed Ms. Edwards Director of Public Safety and Peacekeeping for the City of Portland. 

Edwards  currently serves as the Director of the Office of Youth Violence Prevention with the City of Portland with Mayor Wheeler’s staff.

Virginia Gomez

Virginia Gomez

Virginia Gomez is first-generation Mexican-American and grew up in Los Angeles, California.  In Los Angeles, she witnessed firsthand gang violence and experienced poverty.  Her parents were very involved in her life and instilled in her the value of education. From an early age, she was raised to pursue a higher education and to break the stereotypes of Latinx women.

Gomez’s family moved to Portland, Oregon about 20 years ago. She and her sister were the first Latinas to work at the local community center in North Portland.  She worked to engage local families and to foster a sense of community by planning and facilitating events to serve communities of color. At this time, Ms. Gomez discovered her passion of providing social services to children, young adults and their families. 

Gomez is the second in her family to graduate from a four-year university and to earn a Master’s in Social Work. In addition, Ms. Gomez is a Licensed School Social Worker and is currently working to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. 

Gomez is a bilingual-bicultural therapist. Her work experience includes individual and family therapy, community and family engagement, and implementation of various cultural-specific programs in school settings and in the community. She is proud of her Mexican roots and wants to continue to be a role model for young adults. She is enthusiastic about providing services to empower young people to be self-sufficient and successful in their transition to adulthood.